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Office Manager for Brisbane Coffee Wholesalers
Loretta - Administration Manager

Loretta - Administration Manager

Drink of Choice? Flat White 

Favourite Blend? Velluto

Loretta is like part of the family – she’s been with us for over 15 years across a number of our industry businesses. Loretta started out as an administration superstar managing the office and our accounts for years. In 2007, when we started Elixir Coffee, we knew we had to bring Loretta on board as our Administration Manager. Another one of the many hats she wears is to operate our HR and finances. Loretta cherishes her interactions with customers, ensuring they are satisfied is her main goal. However, she doesn’t do it on her own; Loretta works with a tight-knit team of three to deliver these results.

Josh, Coffee Roaster Brisbane Coffee Wholesalers
Joshua - Dispatch Manager

Joshua - Dispatch Manager

Drink of Choice? Piccolo  

Favourite Blend? Espresso

Josh joined the Elixir family in 2009 when we experienced huge wholesale growth. Hailing from 10 years experience in warehousing, Josh’s go-getter attitude, attention to detail, and passion for the Elixir brand saw him promoted to Dispatch Manager in no time. Josh and his team service orders from every corner of the country. Dispatch, goods receivable, wholesale deliveries and production management all fall under Josh’s umbrella. We count on Josh to keep the wheels in the Elixir cog turning.

Brisbane Coffee Wholesalers
Chris - Head Trainer

Chris - Head Trainer

Drink of Choice? Piccolo

Favourite Blend? Narciso

With 14 years in the industry – the last 6 with us! – Chris has been a barista extraordinaire from the early stages in his career, placing top 30 baristas in New Zealand in 2005. He loves hospitality so much, and it shows, he was even a former chef so he knows all aspects of the business! Twelve months after he joined us he became Head Barista and held that role until being promoted to full-time Head Trainer in 2015. Christos-the-Baristos as he is affectionately known around HQ, has been doing domestic and commercial training for us for the last 4 years and is known to love a pouring competition or two!