New biodegradable coffee pods!


All of the Elixir Coffee taste – none of the early-morning brewing. With the push of one button, your favourite morning coffee can be ready to go, and all you’ll need is an order of Elixir Coffee pods.

Designed for your at-home Nespresso machine, these compact pods bring the flavours of our award-winning Velluto, Espresso, and Swiss Water Decaf coffee into every office and home.

At Elixir Coffee, we’re dedicated to flavoursome, sustainable coffee. Our new, innovative pod design is entirely biodegradable, so it’s friendly to the environment as well as your morning! Made from 100% plant based material, these capsules will break down naturally within 180 days in normal landfill.

Heard enough perks? Pick up your favourite Elixir Coffee pods in-store at HQ or order them today on the online store!

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