Cafetto @ Home Milk Frother Cleaner


Cafetto eco-friendly/organic cleaner and sanitiser for automatic milk frothers/lines. Designed for De Longhi, Jura, milk jugs and steam wands, milk lines and automatic milk frothers, Saeco. BFA Registered, OMRI Listed.
– Phosphate free
– Biodegradable
– GMO free
– Registered for organic use

Directions for use:
1) Remove any milk from the system.
2) Run the rinse cycle to flush the line with water.
3) Place 4 capfuls (30ml/1 oz) into 500ml (17oz) of water in a jug/pitcher or container.
4) Flush the entire solution through the milk frother system.
5) Rinse the milk jug/pitcher or container with fresh water. Refill with 1 litre (32oz) of fresh water.
6) Flush all water through the milk system to rinse completely.
7) The milk system is now ready to use. For machines with automatic cleaning cycles, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2 bottles @ 120ml each provides EIGHT doses.

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