ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler


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Local Pickup: Receive a complimentary bag of award winning coffee beans plus a bonus one-on-one training session when you collect your machine from Elixir HQ in Stafford. More information below.

ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler

The Synchronika is a multiple test winner featuring a stainless steel body, crafted to perfection and is a top of the line machine in the ECM range. The first model to feature a big dual boiler setup making for perfect temperature stability and practically unlimited steam.

ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler Specifications

  • 2L steam boiler / 0.75L coffee boiler
  • 2.8L water tank
  • E61 brew group
  • Rotary pump
  • Weight: 30KG
  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 335 x 490 x 410 mm
  • Dual boiler machine
  • PID-display
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauge
  • Control lamp for the indication of water shortage
  • Coffee, milk froth and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously

Local Pickup: Receive a complimentary bag of coffee beans and a free training session at Elixir’s state of the art training facility when you collect your machine from Elixir’s HQ in Stafford. Here, our talented baristas will teach you the finer skills of using, cleaning, and maintaining your coffee machine. We can also teach you how to brew the perfect cup of Elixir Coffee!

Warranty Details:

Rocket Espresso’s R58 comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour. This excludes general wear and tear items and general servicing.Are you ready to transform your espresso experience? Buy your Rocket Mozzafiato coffee machine and fausto from Elixir’s online store for free shipping to all Australian locations!