Pods – Velluto Blend


Elixir Coffee Pods generously filled with the celebrated Elixir Coffee freshly roasted coffee beans were created by ‘The Elixir Boys’ for Brisbane’s coffee lovers who enjoy quality, but also, convenient coffee.

The Elixir Coffee Pods are only Nespresso compatible (Nespresso, Breville and Delonghi Machines) and the  can be enjoyed for up to 12 months with the same freshness as the day the pod was made.

The word Velluto in Italian translates to “velvet” in English and is used to describe a warm velvet-like blanket that covers your tongue when first sipping this coffee. Smooth, rich and medium to full bodied, the Velluto Blend is a soothing coffee with a pronounced sweet, creamy, nutty flavour combination featuring subtle white wine acidity and butter like undertones.  A definite crowd pleaser!

Fresh coffee from the convenience of a pod coffee machine has become a popular product for many Australians, but it’s not without an environmental cost. Many of the standard coffee pods are made from un-recyclable plastics that end up in landfills.

Biocap coffee pods are made from a composite material obtained by transforming cereal plants to replace petro-chemical based plastics making them 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable. The capsules are heat sealed for mess-free ease of use with lids that are also sourced from biodegradable materials. Biocap coffee pods will break down by themselves in less than 180 days in industrial compost. You can simply throw the capsule in your standard rubbish collection bin after use.

Biocap’s Biodegradable Coffee Pods are:

· 100% bio-based
· 100% biodegradable
· Food contact approved
· Nespresso machine compatible
· European standard EN13432 for packaging waste.

Each box includes 10 pods individually wrapped with nitrogen flushed packets for freshness and flavour.