Espresso Blend Capsules



Best Before 20/08/2021. Coffee is still able to be consumed and full of delicious Elixir flavour past this best before date.

The convenience of Nespresso compatible capsules with Elixir Coffee.

You can buy our Espresso Blend Coffee Capsules online and get them delivered anywhere in Australia. The Elixir Coffee capsules are Nespresso compatible (Nespresso, Breville and De’Longhi Machines) and can be enjoyed for up to 18 months with the same freshness as the day the capsule was made. Generously filled with our multi-award-winning blend, Espresso, they are perfect for enjoying at home.

The Elixir Coffee Espresso Blend is a modernised version of the classic Italian espresso style and therefore packs a little punch. It is full in body and boasts a dark crema, accompanied by a medium level of acidity which delivers its sharpness in a snap. It transforms into a maple syrup flavour which dissolves into a rich chocolate like finish at the back of the palate.