Mazzer Kold Grinder


Mazzer Kold Grinder

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As one of the industry leaders in coffee grinders, it’s no surprise that Mazzer has presented another high-performing grinder in the form of their Kold grinder-doser. This belt-driven system offers a superior experience over Mazzer’s earlier models, ensuring a higher quality of coffee and faster grind time.

Mazzer Kold Grinder specifications:

  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 31 x 70
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Power consumption: 900W
  • Coffee bean capacity: 1.5kg
  • Ground coffee capacity: 360g
  • Grinding speed: 420 rpm
  • Available in single and three phase varieties
  • Double ventilation system
  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • Simple interface with preset grind and dose capabilities
  • Grinding a double shot averages at 3.75 seconds
  • Tamper included

Unlike Mazzer’s prior model, the Robur, the Mazzer Kold Grinder offers belt-driven transmission that maintains a low rate of heat transfer– and therefore the production of a superior coffee without reducing speed. Designed with conical grinding blades that rotate at a slower RPM, the Mazzer Kold grinder-doser reduces heating to the coffee while maintaining the speed for high-traffic cafes. This allows for a superior quality of flavour.

As a commercial machine, the Mazzer Kold Grinder is suited to a high rate of consumption – ideal for cafes and espresso bars. With a cooler motor ensured by the belt system and double ventilation, the Mazzer Kold enjoys a consistent rate of grinding, which equates to better quality. For on-demand grinding with a high rate of accuracy, this grinder-doser ranks among the best.


Mazzer Kold Grinder Warranty Details

Manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months on parts, labour, and mechanical. This excludes general wear and tear items and general servicing.

For cafes and espresso bars dedicated to a high quality of coffee, there is no better start to the process than the Mazzer Kold Grinder. Removing the complications of overheated motors while still reducing grind time, the Mazzer Kold is a high-performance, results-driven machine ideal for a high traffic environment.

Buy the Mazzer Kold Grinder today to reap the benefits of superior commercial coffee.


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