Mazzer Major Grinder


Mazzer Major Grinder

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Ideal for medium-volume cafes and espresso bars, the Mazzer Major Grinder offers a high speed of use in conjunction with the company’s famously superior quality. Designed with flat burr blades that work at 1400 rpm, this grinder allows a high rate of control, including micro adjustments and independent dose changes.

Mazzer Major Grinder specifications:

• Dimensions: 21.2 x 63.5 x 45
• Weight: 20kg
• Power consumption: 650W
• Coffee bean capacity: 1.8kg
• Grinding speed: 1400 rpm
• Digital display
• Grinding on-demand
• Tamper included
• Electronically-controlled ventilation
• Stepless adjustment

The Mazzer Major coffee grinder is available in two versions:

MANUAL: with manual switch
• AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full

Known for their quality Italian design, Mazzer are a proven industry leader in the coffee grinding business. The high performing range includes the Mazzer Major Grinder, a model designed for on-demand and automatic grinding and dosing.

A high rate of grinding and quality ventilation system ensure the best possible result in your commercial coffee quality. With the Mazzer Major Grinder, you are also afforded complete control over the size and coarseness of your grind, ensuring your ideal cup of coffee, every time.

Perfect for cafes that require a fast rate of service, the Mazzer Major is a well-built machine known in the industry for its consistency and durability.


Mazzer Major Grinder Warranty Details

Manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months on parts, labour, and mechanical. This excludes general wear and tear items and general servicing.

As the older sibling of Mazzer Jolly, Mazzer Major is a user-friendly coffee grinder ideal for commercial use. Arriving with quality assurance from one of the world’s leading coffee grinder manufacturers, the Major is a superb choice for cafes and espresso bars. This model is Mazzer’s largest flat burr grinder.

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