Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder


Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder

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For top-quality coffee at home, every part of the brewing process should receive five-star treatment. This is where the Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder steps in, transforming the quality and speed of your morning coffee with the flick of a switch.

Designed with all the bells and whistles of Mazzer’s commercial grinders, the Mini offers a red-carpet service for more bench space – and less of a price tag. Here, going Mini actually means moving up! Transform your coffee experience with café-standard coffee grinding today.

Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder Product specifications:

• Dimensions: 47 x 16.8 x 34
• Weight: 10.2kg
• Power consumption: 250W
• Coffee bean capacity: 600g
• 58mm flat burr blades
• On/off switch
• Grinding speed: 1400 rpm
• On-demand grinding
• Stepless adjustment

As one of Mazzer’s most popular models, the Mini Manual Grinder is one of the market’s top domestic options. Perfect for use at home, convenience in the office, or a back-up decaf grinder in your café or espresso bar, the Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder is a compact machine with massive potential.

The Mini Manual grinds at a speedy 1400 rpm, dosing a predetermined amount in a matter of seconds. Your café-quality grind can be adjusted to a preferred size (as opposed to the standard single or double) and fineness to suit your preferences.

Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder Warranty Details

Manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months on parts, labour, and mechanical. This excludes general wear and tear items and general servicing.

Once designed for small espresso bars, the Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder is a top-rate machine for at-home or low-volume use. Despite its compact design, the semi-commercial grinder produces café-quality coffee in a manner of seconds.

For adjustable grinds, speedy use, and the highest result of coffee possible, the Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder is one of the world’s leading in popularity.

Ready to transform your coffee experience? Buy the Mazzer Mini Manual Grinder today.

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