6 reasons coffee is good for your health


It makes us human in the morning hours, brightens up those brunch dates, and gives us extra reasons to escape the office. There are a lot of reasons to love coffee – but did you know your coffee loves you right back?

Along with boosting our mood and thinking power, coffee offers a whole bunch of health benefits when enjoyed daily. Check out these 6 boosts to your physical wellbeing – and they can all be achieved with a sip of your morning espresso!

  1. Coffee helps you burn fat

You’re probably aware that black coffee contains next-to-no calories – great for diets – but did you know it can also help you burn existing fat? Coffee stimulates your metabolism and raises the oxidisation of fatty acids in your body, making it far easier to burn off!


  1. It’s packed with nutrients

While nothing can replace a healthy diet, a few coffees each day can add valuable nutrients and minerals to your system. Coffee is packed with various B vitamins, potassium, manganese, and is one of the biggest dietary sources of antioxidants in existence – outstripping both fruits and veggies combined!


  1. Your liver loves it

Let’s face it: our lives would be far worse without our daily coffee break – and as it turns out, our livers would, too! Coffee has been shown to promote healthy liver function, decreasing your chance of developing liver cirrhosis.


  1. It can boost your workout

Along with adding healthy vitamins to your diet and helping to burn off excess fat, coffee can also improve your fitness regime! Research shows that caffeine increases endurance levels and improves athletic performance.


  1. Coffee increases your fibre intake

You know what they say: go with your gut! Drinking coffee increases your intake of soluble fibre, which helps with digestion and promotes the body’s absorption of vital nutrients.


  1. It’s shown to improve short-term memory

It gives our minds a zap in the morning when our emails make no sense, so it’s not really surprising that coffee boosts other brain-related functions. Your morning elixir is responsible for boosted cognition, problem solving abilities, and short-term memory – making it ideal for pre-exam study sessions and revising before that big meeting.

There you have it: never let anyone say that coffee addiction is ‘unhealthy’ again! For a health kick that will have you buzzing, order your Elixir Coffee online toda

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