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Five alternate coffee methods to try


For many people, a morning routine is set in stone. You know exactly how long it takes to climb out of bed, get ready for the day, and hit the button on your coffee machine.

But just like we all need a break from the daily grind, we also need a break from our normal coffee grind. Coffee is a fantastic and adaptable source of flavour, and these five unique brewing methods offer a change of pace for your morning.


  1. Chemex

There’s something to be said when a process remains unchanged since 1941! Chemex is known as ‘the chemist’s way’ of brewing coffee, scientifically designed to optimise the potential of your brew. The iconic pour-over system acts to filter your coffee of the bitter oils, creating a clean, smooth taste – and it’s a quick clean up, too!


  1. Siphon

This brewing method might look like an experiment from chemistry class, but don’t let that scare you off! The two chamber system works like a vacuum, drawing water up into your coffee for a perfectly-infused brew. Offering breakfast with a side of theatre, this method allows you full control over the temperature of your coffee, and crafts a smooth flavour for your brew – if you can work out the finer points.


  1. Hario Pour Over

Like Chemex, Hario’s pour over method is a very simple, no-fuss way to brew your coffee. By allowing you control over temperature and pouring speed, the flavour of your coffee is entirely in your hands. Remember: the slower the pour, the more flavour that’s pulled from your coffee, so keep practicing!


  1. Aeropress

Pressed for time? No problem! Aeropress has coffee fully brewed in 20 seconds flat. This method works through pressure, allowing a rapid process that still maintains flavour. As the coffee grounds are completely immersed in water, your brew maintains a uniform flavour throughout.


  1. Cold Drip

Looking to slow things down? Plan your day ahead with a batch of cold drip coffee. Taking anywhere from 6-12 hours, there’s no doubt this method is the longest of the five – but the results are clear. With subtle flavours and far less acidity, cold drip coffee is an entirely different experience in itself – and as a bonus, it stays fresh in the fridge for around 2 weeks!

Keen for a taste-test of these different specialty coffees? The baristas at Elixir HQ are trained in each of these brewing methods – stop by for a taste!

Looking to take your new skills to your home, our at-home brewing machines, apparatus and equipment are available for purchase on our online store or in store at Elixir HQ. You can speak to one of our coffee experts to help match one of our award-winning roasts with the perfect grind, allowing you to enjoy your daily Elixir anytime of the day or night.

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