We’re proud to be one of the few remaining privately-owned specialty roasteries in Queensland. That’s something we’re fiercely committed to, because to us, it’s about more than a drink. Our love for coffee runs deep. 

Elixir Coffee Office Supply

Born for this

In 2007 we started Elixir Coffee which is now a national and international multi-award-winning brand.

Our four signature blends are roasted daily at our Elixir Coffee Roasters Head Quarters in Brisbane’s Inner North.

Because we’re passionate about quality, we continue to oversee every aspect of our operations to ensure we’re consistently providing an unforgettable experience that keeps you coming back for more. And more. And more.

We’re (still) family owned

Yes, you could say we’re more than a little obsessed with coffee! We like to say, ‘it runs in our veins.’

About the Owners

Jason and David Narciso 

We are the brother duo behind the brand. People always ask what it’s like to work together and we say “it’s great… mostly!” 

We’ve been in business together for a long time now. After finishing our studies we purchased a cafe on Queen Street which gave us the financial leverage to purchase another two cafes in the Brisbane CBD, and a coffee machine service company shortly after, all before we turned 30! 

In 2007 we launched Elixir Coffee because we wanted to have get back to our heritage. All these years later we are extremely proud of the business and how it is leading the industry in so many ways. We thank our customers and clients for their many years of support. You are the reason we do what we do!

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