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Wholesale Coffee Provider

We share your coffee obsession 

Since we can remember, coffee has been a part of our family. It’s a legacy and a passion that we are extremely proud to pass on to the many businesses we now call clients.’ 

When we launched Elixir in 2007, we had a vision to change the way people think about and enjoy coffee. See, to us, it’s not just a drink. It’s a way of life. And, it’s very exciting to see our vision becoming our reality.

Today, some of Australia’s best cafes and espresso bars call Elixir Coffee their brand of choice. Since our humble origins in Brisbane, we now have a presence in all capital cities and a number of regional towns. 

Our wholesale services and support include:

  • No Lock In Contracts

  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing

  • Barista Training

  • Support Guidance & Advice from Industry Experts

  • Contract / White Label Roasting 
  • Award-Winning Specialty Coffee Blends & Single Origins

  • Nespresso Compatible Pods
  • Infusions & Syrups

  • Machine Installation & Routine Maintenance

  • Accessories and Cups

Flexible terms

We like to think of our clients as ‘partners and members of the Elixir Wholesale Family’ because we take a genuine interest in helping them grow.

Our wholesale model is pretty unique. We offer flexible terms so you don’t get hemmed in to anything that can weigh down your cash flow. Our focus is on ensuring your team delivers exceptional coffee to your customers. Every single time.

Support and Guidance 

We value our Elixir Wholesale Family. That’s just not something we say. We make a point of helping our clients grow. Our years of hands on experience enable us to offer advice and guidance on how to build profitable businesses. Because of this, many of our clients have seen impressive revenue improvements. Our customer support team is often catching up with our partners, offering on the spot training and giving them helpful advice on things like cafe fit-outs, equipment replacements and operational efficiencies.

Basically, we want to see you be successful. And we do whatever we can to make that happen!

Wholesale Benefits


We source the highest quality Arabica beans from the world’s superior growing regions. Each roast is tested for consistency
to ensure only the best coffee is delivered to your door.

Visualise yourself in a small and cosy espresso caffe on a busy street in central Rome. The morning rush hour whirs in the background while you check the daily news and wait on your morning coffee.

Snap, you’re back in Australia sipping on our Espresso Blend, a modern version of the Classic Italian expresso. With a rich and dark crema accompanied with a specific level of acidity delivered ‘prego’ it dissolves into a rich chocolate like finish with lingering flavours of burnt coffee.

Our best seller and most awarded blend for good reason.


We spent years and many healthy debates coming up with the blend which would bear our family name. But it was worth it.

‘Narciso’ is a medium to full-bodied espresso which has delicious notes of caramel and sweet maple syrup perfectly balanced with dark berry fruit acidity and delicate cinnamon spice. Like all good Italians, it’s confident in its expression, yet warm in its reception. A perfect balance. 


If you love your coffee smooth, then look no further. Velluto is like a soft, velvet blanket that envelops your tongue. With pronounced hazelnut and cream flavours, gentle white wine acidity and butter-like undertones, this gentle blend is a morning wake up cuddle that will keep you coming back for more. 


In Italian, ‘Fratelli’ means Brothers, a relationship that is strong and complex. Our Fratelli blend bears these resemblances in its characteristics.

With a full-bodied syrupy mouthfeel, it is balanced by a medium-high acidity level. Starting off at the front of the palate with a molasses-like melting sensation, gathering the honey malt characteristics at halfway and finishing off with a smooth caramelised sugar flavour. This blend is bold, courageous and unstoppable. Much like our two founders.


Fairtrade/Organic Single Origin
Anaerobic Aprocasol

Our rotating single-origins showcase the best work and are available for limited times only.

This natural anaerobic processed microlot is sourced from the producers at SOLCAFE in Western Honduras. Located in the Opalaca mountain range, which is an extensive and narrow mountain region spanning 50Km, and reaching heights of over 2300masl. The SOLCAFE Association was created by 37 small coffee producers in 2019 from the departments of Lempira and Intibuca. The name of the Association originates from the way in which the coffee is processed; solar drying – on patios and in green houses. The producers started the group with the aim to improve the quality of life of the coffee producing families in the region. And form this, creating quality, sustainability and harmony with the environment. The group also seeks to be a viable alternative in the search for specialised and high value markets. By 2022 SOLCAFE had increased its members to 180, of which 45 are women, and 135 men. All are small holders with an average of 4 hectares of land each. Most of the producer average around 6,700Kg of export grade coffee each year. With Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic certification in place, the association is constantly striving to improve the life of its members and the socioeconomic and environmental welfare of the community.


We respect that some love the flavour of coffee, but have good reasons for not wanting the caffeine. And so, we developed a chemical-free blend that delivers the delicious taste, without the harsh abrasive taste that is often associated with decaf. 

Expect subtle blackcurrant and lemon acidity carried through a dark chocolate, molasses and toffee finish. (Don’t let too many others in on this little secret – we actually love it). 




Coffee Equipment

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