Featured Single Origin Roasts

While we do love a blend, don't get us wrong, there's something special to be said for the pure, bold, more acidity in the cup, and sometimes more unique and exotic flavours of single origin coffee.

What even is single origin coffee? Great question.

At its core, single origin coffee is made from beans that originated from one area. Pretty much any coffee that is not a blend of multiple origins/countries.

And then within the Single Origin Coffee realm you have Espresso Roast and Filter Roast. Espresso roast is roasted lighter than a blend but still suitable for espresso machines and all other brewing equipment. Filter Roast is roasted quite abit light than blends are suited to particular brewing equipment such as AeroPress, Pour Over, V60, Syphon, Cold Drip. Filter roast is not to be used in Espresso Machines as the result will be a very sour flavour and mouthfeel.

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