Cafetto EVO Single Use Sachet 18 x 5g


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    Contains 18 single-use EVO 5g sachets for convenient and measured dosage every time.

    With its rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation, EVO removes coffee oils, grounds and stains, improving the taste and aroma of espresso.


    Ingredients are rapidly biodegradable and odourless.

    Non-GMO and free from phosphates and chlorine.

    Non-corrosive formulation to protect the machine.


    1. Remove coffee filter from group handle, and replace with blind filter.

    2. For daily cleaning add 1 EVO Sachet into the group handle and insert as if brewing espresso. If the machine is cleaned less often, use 2 EVO Sachets.

    3. Start cycle and allow to run for 10 seconds to dissolve cleaner.

    4. Stop cycle and allow to sit for 10 seconds.

    5. Start and stop cycle 4 more times – run for 10 seconds, stop for 10 seconds.

    6. Remove the group handle and rinse well under stream of water from delivery group. Turn off.

    7. Re-insert handle with blind filter, start and stop cycle 10 times – run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing.

    8. Remove blind filter and insert regular filter.

    9. Brew and discard a single espresso to re-season machine.


    1. Soak group handles and filters in 500mL of hot water with 2 EVO Sachets for 10 minutes.

    2. Rinse thoroughly in running hot water.

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