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    Body: Full
    Acidity: High
    Process Method: Natural

    Dose: 22.5g
    Extraction: 26-30 seconds

    Tasting Notes: Crisp strawberry and orange acidity throughout the cup. A toffee like sticky texture builds in the finish, with lingering notes of hazelnut and chocolate.

    Background: The Nyamyumba station was built in 2006, which operates in the Rubavu District in Rwanda. The farm sizes on average vary between 0.1 – 0.3 hectares in size, with the coffee grown between the altitudes of 1500m to 2000m.

    The coffee delivered to the Nyamyumba station is grown in nutrient-rich volcanic clay soils in the high-altitude hills of the Congo Nile trail that stretches 277 kilometres. This section of land features beautiful landscapes of rolling hills and views of the clear waters of Lake Kivu with the land being surrounded by the Gishwati National Forest.

    Farmers selectively handpick the cherries and deliver it to the Nyamyumba washing station. Upon intake, station employees float and hand sort the coffee in order to remove any visible defects or low-density beans.  This hands-on approach and attention to detail are part of the reason why this coffee is of a consistently high quality, making it attractive and extremely sought after.

    In conjunction with their sustainability partner, Kahawatu Foundation, Sucafina Rwanda (Rwacof) invests heavily in farmer training and upholding high standards when it comes to their agricultural processes. Rwacof’s Farmer Field school shares information with all their producer partners about the best agricultural practices, conservation tactics, and outlining the importance of only picking ripe cherries, alongside a  plethora of additional information.

    The farmers are constantly invested in, with a direct focus on helping to improve their overall financial situation with annual bonuses handed out once the coffee is sold. Furthermore, these payments are deposited into zero-fee bank accounts, that offer wider reaching benefits for the farmers, including secure storage for their savings and the opportunity to build a financial credit history.

    N.B. Our Single Origin Espresso roasts are roasted for black based coffees.


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