Single Origin Espresso Roast – Honduras Secundino Sabillon


Body: Full
Acidity: High
Process: Cherry Fermented, Wet Hulled

Tasting Notes: Pear, strawberry, blueberry, crisp acidity, smooth juicy body, caramel custard lingering aftertaste.

Background: This coffee undertakes numerous QA processes to ensure a high level of cup quality and flavour consistency:
* Manually blended to create homogeneity of the lot.
* Screen sorted and separation is also done with one colour sorter in site.
* Hand sorting of the green beans in triple picked grade to reduce the number of defects.
* Lastly, QA on lots created is undertaken by the team at the in-house laboratory.

N.B. Blend seasonally adjusted with fresh harvest single origins that deliver to the desired taste profile.