Single Origin Espresso Roast | Costa Rica Tarrazu Asoproaaa Parritilla – Microlot


  • Body: Full
  • Acidity: High
  • Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits up front with melon and green apple acidity. Silky full body with a creamy finish with rum and raisin chocolate liqueur.

Background: Harvested from Finca Parritilla in the highly prized Tarrazu region, this coffee has been grown and processed by William Mora Merno who is a member of the ASOPROAAA Cooperative. Great care is taken to continually improve the quality of the coffee grown at Finca Parritilla, and the farm also employs sustainable production methods to improve soil recuperation and flora and fauna conservation. The Tarrazu area is a sanctuary of native flora and fauna and produces some of the best coffee in Costa Rica.

The ASOPROAAA Cooperative was born as a result of the devastating consequences of Hurricane Mitch. After the storm wiped out the agricultural production systems of the Aserri and Acosta sub-regions, ASOPROAAA was formed to help get coffee farmers back into production and promote sustainable production. Today, the coop is recognised internationally as a quality coffee producer. This reputation has resulted in higher prices and financial stability for farmers.

N.B. Blend seasonally adjusted with fresh harvest single origins that deliver to the desired taste profile.