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    Costa Rica La Chumeca Anaerobic 777

    Body: Full
    Acidity: High
    Process:  Anaerobic Special Preparation

    Tasting Notes: Boozy cooked fruits, strawberry, cranberry, orange and soft red wine. Full silky  mouth feel carries notes of brown sugar and stone fruit.

    Background: La Chumeca, is a small family business run by the the Ureña Jiménez family in San Pablo de León Cortés.  Having spent their lives working with coffee, the Chumeca farm was only established in 2015 as a means to produce and export amazing coffee.  Dedicated to the development of natural processed coffee and a new culture in the cup. They believe in relationships with nature and freshness of their coffee. In 2018 the family decided to begin a new project – anaerobic processing.

    Using a series of stainless steel tanks, very similar to those used in wine, the whole coffee cherry is loaded in and the tanks sealed tight. The upper part of the tank contains a gas escape valve and in the lower part a socket to extract the honey from the process and measure its pH, temperature and sugars. The maceration that occurs during the process causes the sugars contained in the fruit to be transformed and penetrate the coffee seed.  Once the wet processing is complete, the coffee is dried on raised African beds slowly for a period of 21 days.  Every batch is a unique and Ureña Jiménez records all their recipes so they can repeat them at the next harvest.

    N.B. Single Origin Filter Roasts are lightly roasted specifically and only for specialty apparatus such as Pour Over, Chemex, AeroPress, Batch Brew, Toddy, and all other specialty brew methods.

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