Single Origin Filter Roast | Ethiopia Sidamo Nensebo


Single Origin Filter Roast | Ethiopia Sidamo Nensebo

  • Body: Full
  • Acidity: High
  • Process Method: Washed

Tasting Notes: A clean sweet lot with buttery body and flavours of hazelnuts and chocolate. Bright lime acidity. Soft warm spice and vanilla linger in the finish.

Background: This coffee is from the Nensebo region is produced by up to 700-800 small holder producers in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Each producer grows coffee on around three hectares of land. As well as their coffee crop, they typically grow ‘false banana’ plants (a drought resistant plant which provides food as well as fibres for rope), corn, Wanza and Acacia trees for shade. A delicate and complex coffee.

N.B. Blend seasonally adjusted with fresh harvest single origins that deliver to the desired taste profile.