Elixir Chai Latte Powder (1kg)


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    “Spice Up Your Day with Our One-of-a-Kind Custom Blend Chai Latte Powder – Your Chai Adventure Begins Here!

    At Elixir Coffee Roasters we take pride in curating the finest chai latte experience. Our custom blend chai latte powder is carefully crafted with the highest quality spices, allowing you to personalize your chai to perfection. Elevate your daily ritual with the aromatic spices and creamy goodness of our handcrafted chai latte mix.


    Why Choose Our Custom Blend Chai Latte Powder?

    -Premium Ingredients: We source only the finest spices and ingredients to ensure a rich and authentic chai flavor.

    -Unmatched Quality: Each batch is expertly blended and packaged to preserve freshness and flavor.

    -Endless Possibilities: Whether you’re a traditionalist or crave a modern twist, our custom chai blend lets you explore chai flavors and experience.

    -Convenience: Enjoy cafe-quality chai lattes in the comfort of your home, whenever you desire.



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