Elixir Drinking Chocolate (1kg)


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    Indulge in Decadent Delights with Our Artisanal Custom Blend Drinking Chocolate Powder.  Crafted to be smooth, creamy and delicious chocolate powder, for cold or hot beverages

    At Elixir Coffee Roasters, we’re passionate about coffee and ‘chocolate’, and we’re here to take your cocoa journey to the next level. Our custom blend drinking chocolate powder is designed to make every sip a chocolate affair.


    Why Choose Our Custom Blend Drinking Chocolate Powder?

    -Crafted for Connoisseurs: We understand the art of chocolate. Our custom blend is for those who demand nothing but the best, allowing you to create a drinking chocolate experience that’s unique and designed for all drinks.

    -Premium Chocolate: We use only the finest cocoa beans to ensure a rich and velvety chocolate flavor.

    -Endless Customization: Whether you prefer your chocolate with coffee, or on its own our blend lets you customize your perfect cup.

    -Superior Quality: Each batch is expertly crafted, ensuring the ultimate freshness and flavor in every sip.

    -Pure Chocolate Pleasure: Say goodbye to cocoa mixes filled with fillers. Our drinking chocolate is pure, indulgent delight, with no compromises.


    Elevate your cocoa game today with our custom blend drinking chocolate powder. Dive into the world of rich, velvety chocolate, crafted just for you.

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