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    Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Available Now

    It’s taken time, but it was worth the wait! Our new Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods have a specifically roasted and refined blend for you to enjoy specialty coffee at home. With notes of dark chocolate, burnt toffee and malt this flavour combination will have you popping pod after pod!

    Recyclable Coffee Pods Made In Australia

    The development of our new oxygen barrier capsule, reflects the commitment to innovation and delivering a quality Nespresso compatible coffee pod.

    Our exceptional end result, in the cup, illustrates what can be achieved when innovation is combined with our dedication to delivering a delicate coffee experience.

    Experience The Best Coffee Pods By Elixir:

    • Our coffee pods are engineered to improve compatibility with all Nespresso Capsule compatible coffee machines.
    • Unique design provides an effective oxygen barrier to keep your coffee fresh for longer and protects the organoleptic properties of your coffee.
    • Delivers an improved extraction for a more traditional espresso style coffee experience.
    • Each of our Nespresso compatible coffee pods has been nitrogen flushed to provide optimum freshness.
    • Our coffee pods have an extended shelf life of 18 months. Our coffee capsules are sealed using an ultrasonic welder, providing tamper proof seals.

    Our coffee capsules are one of the most ergonomically designed food-safe capsules in the world, being both BPA and epoxy derivative free.

    Nespresso® Compatible: Nespresso is the registered trademark of Socieété Nestlé SA. Elixir Coffee is not affiliated with Nestlé.


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    Carton (60/ea), Pack (10/ea)

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